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Vehicle Overview

There's nothing like a good luxury vehicle to make you feel a unique sense of accomplishment. Luxury cars have all the right features in them to give you a smooth ride and a feeling like you're being pampered. The Genesis G80 is a fantastic choice if money isn't an object, and a luxury car is your desire. The following is some information about the model and the points that stick out as favorable to the consumers. If you like everything you read, you should consider calling Genesis of Charlotte to test drive the 2019 Genesis G80 today. The test ride will make a huge difference in whether you choose the G80 as your next car.

Charlotte NC - 2019 Genesis G80's Overview

Exterior - 2019 Genesis G80

Classy is an understatement when we use it to describe the exterior of the G80. It's gorgeous, majestic and attractive, to say the least. The Color options include colors like Adriatic Blue, Havana Red, Siberian Ice and more. You can learn more about its gorgeous and glamorous body if you take a test ride immediately.

Charlotte NC - 2019 Genesis G80's Exterior

Interior - 2019 Genesis G80 near Charlotte NC

Luxury is a term that describes a feeling that a person gets when he or she sits behind the wheel of a classy car. You'll get a majestic and superior feeling when you're in the G80 because you'll know that the manufacturer stuck by its high standards when it created the model. You will also know that the car was designed for kings and queens. That's why you'll feel like you're supposed to have it. It's your destiny, so you'll need to grab hold of it. The dealership can give you a lot of information about the interior, and we can provide you with a little. The first thing that will make you feel like a million dollars is the gorgeous leather seating. You'll also have heated and ventilated seats to keep you comfortable no matter what time of the year it is or where you're going.

Charlotte NC - 2019 Genesis G80's Interior

Mechanical - Genesis G80 specs near Charlotte

It's normal for you to wonder about a vehicle's performance if you're thinking about buying it. You can rest assured that G80's performance is up to par. The vehicle comes with a super-strong V6 motor that delivers 311 horsepower. 311 horsepower is more than most base-model sportscars offer. You can also grab a model that has an even higher horsepower reading. One of the trim levels can get up to 420 horsepower, which is way past sports car level. To make it even better, the model has great fuel efficiency. The mechanical and the features are extensive on it, as well. Some of them include 9.2-inch screen, HD touchscreen, Android Auto and more.

Charlotte NC - 2019 Genesis G80's Mechanical
Safety - 2019 Genesis G80 dealer

Safety is crucial, no matter what type of vehicle you drive. Fortunately, the Genesis G80 has an amazingly high safety rating number on the US News site. It has a perfect 10 score for its safety features, which mean that you will get a perfect car in terms of safety if you invest in it. Some of the features that you'll have access to are Blindspot Collision Warning, Forward Collision Warning and Smart Cruise Control. The model also has nine airbags and a special Driver Attention Warning. The Driver Attention Warning is a feature that gives a visual and audible alert if it detects that you've become tired or distracted. This feature can prevent accidents by getting you back on track so that you don't have any collisions. This amazing model has many more features that will help to keep you safe. Just ask the salesperson at the dealership to tell you about the rest of the safety features on the list. The individual will most likely be delighted to go through the list with you.

You have to get behind the wheel of a car to tell if it's the right model for you. The drive will give you a chance to get to know the features and benefits the vehicle has as well as how it handles on the road. Salespersons at the dealership serving Charlotte Matthews are waiting for you because they want to escort you on a journey to review the model. If you enjoy driving around in the G80, you can let the sales rep know, and then you can start the journey to apply for financing. You will likely gain approval for the G80 that you like, and then you can experience the joy of owning a luxury vehicle.

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